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W.M.H.A Office
500 Victoria Street West
Whitby, Ontario
Canada L1N 9G4

Phone: (905) 444-9642

[email protected]


The hockey office is located on the 2nd floor between Pads 3 and 4 within Iroquois Sports Complex

*Please keep watch to our website weekly as office hours may change . You may contact us at 905-444-9642 or [email protected]


Office Hours:

Week of March 18 to March 24 , 2019
Closed during the March Break 

  • Monday -4:00pm-7:00pm
  • Tuesday- 9:30am-12:30 pm
  • Wednesday Closed
  • Thursday - Closed
  • Friday - Closed
  • Saturday- closed
  • Sunday- Closed



    ExecutiveVince CarerePresident
    ExecutiveRob KeastPast President
    ExecutiveShelagh JonesVP of Governance and Strategic Planning
    ExecutiveLee KennedyRepresentative Coordinator
    ExecutiveScott RossVP Risk Management
    ExecutiveBill Bowden AAA - Representative Director
    ExecutiveMark ElsenaarAA - Representative Director
    ExecutiveRahim KarmaliA - Representative Director
    ExecutiveDan PlayerAE Representative Director
    ExecutiveColin OldmanHouse League Coordinator
    ExecutiveMike McMahonTyke Director
    ExecutiveNeil WrightHouse League - Novice Director
    ExecutiveMelanie BurtHouse League - Minor Atom Director
    ExecutiveMelanie BurtHouse League - Atom Director
    ExecutiveJim LafleurHouse League - Minor Peewee Director
    ExecutiveJim LafleurHouse League - Peewee Director
    ExecutiveJim LafleurHouse League - Minor Bantam Director
    ExecutiveJim LafleurHouse League - Bantam Director
    ExecutiveMatt EvansHouse League - Minor Midget Director
    ExecutiveMatt EvansHouse League - Mid-Juv Director
    ExecutiveNeil WrightHouse League - Roster Select
    Org StaffSusan RobinsonOmbudsman
    Org StaffJane SedoSpecial Events Coordinator
    Org StaffSandra PerfettiGeneral Manager of Operations
    Org StaffKathy AndreoffOffice Administrator
    Org StaffRick BounsallRepresentative Ice Scheduler
    Org StaffNancy CableTreasurer
    Org StaffRico SirizzottiDevelopment Director
    Org StaffTom CarterReferee In Chief
    Org StaffSusan RobinsonIce Scheduler
    AAA - NoviceKent NobesHead Coach
    AAA - NoviceTony SorichettiManager
    AAA - Minor AtomLarry ChristieHead Coach
    AAA - Minor AtomAndy BruceManager
    AAA - AtomSean MurphyHead Coach
    AAA - AtomMatt BarrettManager
    AAA - Minor PeeWeeBrian MedeirosHead Coach
    AAA - Minor PeeWeeAndria PhillipsManager
    AAA - PeeWeeChris HopleyHead Coach
    AAA - PeeWeeIan UrbachManager
    AAA - Minor BantamJoe BestHead Coach905-995-2285 (c)
    AAA - Minor BantamBrad McAllisterCoach
    AAA - Minor BantamMike Van VolsenCoach
    AAA - Minor BantamOliver LavertyCoach / Trainer
    AAA - Minor BantamNicole GirardTreasurer
    AAA - BantamRyan ConnollyHead Coach
    AAA - BantamLeslie McLeanManager
    AAA - Minor MidgetRico SirizzottiHead Coach
    AAA - Minor MidgetSandra SirizzottiManager
    AAA - MidgetSpencer FinneyHead Coach
    AAA - MidgetApril FinneyManager
    AA - NoviceDon CampbellCoach
    AA - NoviceColine ShennanManager
    AA - Minor AtomTim GallagherHead Coach
    AA - Minor AtomRyan MitchellManager
    AA - AtomMatt WilsonHead Coach
    AA - AtomCarla BishopManager
    AA - Minor PeeWeeRahim KarmaliHead Coach
    AA - Minor PeeWeeWes HoustonManager
    AA - PeeWeeCorey EdwardsHead Coach
    AA - PeeWeeNatalie CostelloManager
    AA - Minor BantamJeff HicksHead Coach
    AA - Minor BantamTatjana MonkManager
    AA - BantamTroy WightHead Coach
    AA - BantamStephanie PriceManager
    AA - Minor MidgetBill BowdenHead Coach
    AA - Minor MidgetDerek MaguireManager
    AA - Minor MidgetBrent QuartermainManager
    AA - MidgetJim RozsaHead Coach
    AA - MidgetMatthew SidarosManager
    A - Novice BlueBrett GiglioCoach
    A - Novice BlueAshley KohutManager
    A - Novice WhiteDoug O'GradyCoach
    A - Novice WhiteShanna MacInnesManager
    A - Minor Atom BlueJeremy LaneHead Coach
    A - Minor Atom BlueKim GarlandManager
    A - Minor Atom WhiteTerry BainbridgeCoach
    A - Minor Atom WhiteLeanne StokesManager
    A - Atom BlueGeoff HodgkinsonHead Coach
    A - Atom BlueNicole DeyManager
    A - Atom WhiteDave StringerHead Coach
    A - Atom WhiteCatherine JonesManager
    A - Minor PeeWee BlueRob MillerHead Coach
    A - Minor PeeWee BlueChantail GuestManager
    A - Minor PeeWee WhiteJay MooreHead Coach
    A - Minor PeeWee WhiteSteve SmithManager
    A - PeeWee BlueBob BellHead Coach
    A - PeeWee BlueShelagh JonesManager
    A - PeeWee WhiteHarry SmithHead Coach
    A - PeeWee WhiteShawn RussellManager
    A - Minor Bantam BlueCraig BouckleyHead Coach
    A - Minor Bantam BlueNigel RobinsManager
    A - Minor Bantam WhiteNatalie BakerManager
    A - Minor Bantam WhiteThomas BakerAssistant Coach
    A - Minor Bantam WhiteGreg KoehlerAssistant Coach
    A - Minor Bantam WhiteDarryl LatoskiHead Coach
    A - Minor Bantam WhiteRichard MacCheyneManager
    A - Minor Bantam WhiteKevin PearceTrainer
    A - Bantam BlueDan McKinnonHead Coach
    A - Bantam BlueShawn O'HareManager
    A - Bantam WhiteNick CatrosHead Coach
    A - Bantam WhiteTony BiancoManager
    A - Minor MidgetPaul DusomeHead Coach
    A - Minor MidgetCassie FrazerManager
    AE - NoviceClarence MyersCoach
    AE - NoviceKelcey BradeManager
    AE - NoviceNic VurroManager
    AE - Minor AtomRyan PattersonCoach
    AE - Minor AtomHazel WhiteManager
    AE - AtomTommy SteevesHead Coach
    AE - AtomStephanie HarrisManager
    AE - Minor PeeWee BlueGreg HarperHead Coach
    AE - Minor PeeWee BlueTina MacPhersonManager
    AE - Minor Peewee WhiteEd LewisCoach
    AE - Minor Peewee WhiteMike WalkerManager
    AE - PeeWeeTodd WilsonHead Coach
    AE - PeeWeeMark HollyManager
    AE - Minor Bantam BlueCraig De BloisHead Coach
    AE - Minor Bantam BlueKeith BriggsManager
    AE - Minor Bantam WhiteDerek CandoliniCoach
    AE - Minor Bantam WhiteCarol CoeManager
    AE - BantamBrooks GummowCoach
    AE - BantamRichard WaytowichManager
    AE - Minor MidgetJohn KorryHead Coach
    AE - Minor MidgetGabriel SekoulidisManager
    AE - MidgetAshley StevensHead Coach
    AE - MidgetDave PileManager
    Select - NoviceChris ChecchinCoach
    Select - NoviceLauren GrayManager
    Select - Minor PeeweeJason GaudetHC
    Select - Minor PeeweeWarren McKeownAC
    Select - Minor PeeweeKevin MorreauAC
    Select - Minor PeeweeAaron FryTrainer
    Select - Minor PeeweeSteuart MackintoshManager
    Select - Minor BantamJan HeyesHead Coach
    Select - Minor BantamAmy SimmonsManager289-385-2145 (c)
    Select - BantamTim DeSouzaTrainer
    Select - BantamShane MeagherHead Coach
    Select - BantamJohn ScelsaAssistant Coach
    Select - BantamJennifer WilenManager
    Select - BantamKeith WilenAssistant Coach
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