House League Playing Rules (Whitby Minor Hockey)

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Whitby Minor Hockey Association
House League Playing Rules

  1. In addition to the following WMHA rules, the WMHA shall operate under the current Hockey Canada and OMHA rule books.
  2. Body checking will not be allowed in all divisions. A minor penalty or at the discretion of the Referee, a major penalty and a game misconduct penalty may be assessed to any player who intentionally body checks an opposing player.
  3. A revision history will be kept at the end of this document.
  4. All team officials must abide by and enforce all operating rules and by-laws of the WMHA.  They will be responsible for the discipline and conduct of their team on and off the ice.
  5. The consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs by members of the WMHA is not permitted at any time, which includes away games. For a violation of this rule, an indefinite suspension will apply. Players appealing this suspension are required to attend a meeting accompanied by one or both parents or legal guardians.
  6. All team officials are responsible to ensure that all players receive equal ice time. Any complaints that are received will be addressed. Violations of this rule will enact the following process:
    1. A verbal warning from a member of the WMHA Executive or League Convenor.
    2. A second offence will result in the suspension of the Head Coach from 1 league or playoff game.
    3. A third offence will result in dismissal of the Head Coach.
  7. No player may take part in any practice or game until registered with the WMHA and all fees have been paid or arrangements for payment have been made with the office admin staff.
  8. All team officials shall submit a criminal background check, with the Vulnerable Sector selected, to the WMHA Executive and complete RIS - Activity Leader and Gender Identity Expression available online through the OMHA website.
  9. Each team shall have a certified Coach and Trainer.
    1. If one team does not have a Trainer, the Trainer for the opposing team shall act as the trainer for both teams.
    2. Anyone with a trainer certification can act as trainer for a game. They must be in the rink. They do not have to be on a bench.
    3. If there is no trainer present the game cannot commence.
    4. All other bench staff must have RIS.
  10. All Coaches and anyone who assists with a team practice must wear a CSA approved helmet, duly attached.
  11. All players must wear full protective equipment during practices.
  12. A warning will be issued for a first offence and a one game suspension will be assessed to the Head Coach for further violations.
  13. No unauthorized persons are allowed in the dressing rooms, team benches, and Referee’s room or in the Timekeepers area.
  14. Anyone found damaging arena property will be responsible for the cost of repairs.
  15. The balancing of teams can be made by the House League Director.
  16. The second team on the official schedule is the home team (imagine an @ between the two teams).
  17. All equipment that belongs to the WMHA is the responsibility of the Coach or Manager to whom it was issued. This equipment must be maintained in good condition and returned at the end of the season.


Regular Season Game Operation

  1. All House League games from U9 through U21 will consist of three stop time periods of 10 – 10 – 13 minutes.
  2. On completion of the scheduled flood:
    1. The game clock will be set at 13:00 and will start to run.
    2. At 11:00, the whistle or buzzer will sound to indicate the end of the team warm-ups.
    3. Both teams will shake hands prior to the start of each game.
    4. The game clock will not stop until the first stoppage of play.
  3. The game will not start before its scheduled time but the game clock may start exactly at the scheduled time.
  4. All games will be curfewed at their scheduled completion time
    1. Curfew time is noted on the game sheet.
    2. Curfew time is initialled on the game sheet by each Head Coach.
  5. Time outs are not permitted during any House League play (regular season and playoffs).
    1. A delay of game penalty will be assessed to the team inquiring about a time out.
  6. Every effort will be made to have an even number of teams in each division.
  7. The team with the most points upon completion of the regular season will be declared League Champions. The same applies for the Playoff season.
  8. Every team will compete in the playoffs


  1. Players are required to wear neck guards, helmet with chin straps secured, facial protection, and mouth guards at all times.
  2. These are required before and after the game, as well as on the ice and on the bench during the game.
  3. If any of these items are lost during play, the player is to proceed to the bench and replace. There is no penalty in this circumstance.
  4. If they are worn improperly while a player is not participating in play, the team will receive a warning for the first violation, and a misconduct for each subsequent violation.
  5. If they are worn improperly while a player is participating in play, the whistle will be blown immediately and a minor penalty for ineligible player will be assessed.
  6. The helmet and full face guard must conform to Hockey Canada rules and CSA standards. Any alteration to the equipment voids CSA standards and would be unfit for play.
  7. Helmets must remain on and done up properly unless in the dressing room.
  8. All players, including goaltenders, must wear a BNQ certified throat protector (neck guard).
  9. Goaltenders must also wear a throat guard (plastic flapper) fastened in such a way to protect the throat. Participation in the play without a throat guard will result in a minor penalty.


All Major penalties carry an automatic Game Misconduct penalty of at least one game. This does not include the game in which the penalty was assessed.

Any player or team official who incurs a Game Misconduct, Gross Misconduct or Match Penalty will automatically be suspended for a minimum of their next league game.
The total length of the suspension is determined by the minimum suspension list of the OMHA. All players are required to sit the minimum.

A House League player will be assessed a Game Ejection penalty when that player is assessed three Minor penalties for any reason in the same game. For the purpose of this rule, double minor penalties count as one infraction.
The offending player will be removed from the game. A substitute for the penalized player will be required to serve the time penalty that resulted in the game ejection. There is no suspension with a Game Ejection, only with a Game Misconduct. 
The current OMHA suspension list will be used for penalties incurred that require a suspension, with the exception of 7.10 (b) - Fighting. 
Fighting will not be tolerated. Suspensions for fighting are as follows
1st Offence: 3 games
2nd Offence: Indefinite pending Disciplinary Meeting
3rd Offence: Expulsion from the league
Any Instigator or Aggressor penalties assessed, will also be added to the fighting suspension.

It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to review the game sheet and communicate the suspension to the player or bench staff, as well as to ensure the suspension is served.
For repeat offenders, as well as more serious offences, the league retains the right to suspend for greater than the minimum number of games. All suspensions greater than the minimum will be communicated by the Director or Convenor to the Head Coach of the team.
Suspended players and team officials must be listed in the designated area on the official game report or the suspension may not be considered served.
Any player or team official who is on the player’s bench or is listed on the official game report as an eligible person while suspended, will cause their team to forfeit the game.
Any team official who allows a suspended player to play will be suspended for the next three league or playoff games.
Any team official who is under suspension may not communicate with the team, enter the dressing room or attempt to coach the team in anyway before, during or after the game.
Any team official or player who receives a suspension will also be suspended from any other team that he may be affiliated with.
The suspension must be served with the team in which the suspension was incurred. Games missed with other teams do not count towards the suspension.
If for some reason any of these penalties have not been recorded on the front of the official game report, team officials are responsible to inquire to their respective Director about the length of the suspension.
When required, another player from the ice, must serve a penalty which has made his team shorthanded or if required, serve his goaltender’s penalty. No substitutions will be allowed, including for major penalties.
Any player or team official who is in violation of the OMHA Harassment and Abuse Policy, will receive an indefinite suspension. The investigation and handling of complaints will be followed as stated in the policy.
As per Hockey Canada Rule 5.1 (d), the Referee shall have full authority and the final decision in all matters under dispute. His decision shall be final on all questions of judgement and not subject to appeal. 
Notwithstanding the forgoing, the Association reserves the right to impose or remove a suspension of any player, when the suspension or lack thereof results from a misapplication of the rules.

Application of the Rules

  1. The Directors and Convenors will be strict in the application of the rules for non-conformance to the elements of House League play. The penalty for non-compliance is as follows: 
    1. A verbal warning from a member of the WMHA Executive or League Convenor
    2. A second offence will result in the suspension of the Head Coach from 1 league or playoff game.
    3. A third offence will result in dismissal of the Head Coach.