2024-25 HL Player Request (Whitby Minor Hockey)

2024-25 HL Player Request



WMHA will make every effort to accommodate placement on a team with ONE other registered player, if requested prior to the deadline of September 1st. The request will only be accommodated if both players request one another.

Team requests MUST be submitted using the online form. Email requests WILL NOT be accepted.

Requests are subject to the following conditions: 

- Requests must be one-to-one player reciprocated requests 
- Requests will not be taken after the deadline of September 1st
- The reciprocating player request must also be made prior to the deadline
- Requests are accepted at the discretion of WMHA. Submitting a request is not a guarantee that it will be accommodated.
- The coach and one assistant coach may each have one matching request for their children
- By requesting to coach together, coaches and assistant coaches have fulfilled the request and no additional requests will be permitted.